With offices in Amsterdam and Barneveld (in the centre of the Netherlands), WBS Real Estate operates throughout the entire country. Are you looking for a new home or interested in selling yours? We are here to assist you throughout the entire process.

Buying a house

The team at WBS Real Estate understands better than anyone that when you want to buy a new home, you begin an exciting and - in some cases - time-consuming process. WBS Real Estate is part of a larger organization, within which homes are also developed. As a result, we closely follow new developments in the market and can provide targeted advice based on broad experience and knowledge. We are happy to support you to make the process of searching and buying as smooth as possible. Because, we are convinced that finding your dream home should be a lot of fun!

We are daily active in the search for your new home and provide - customized, with passion and personal attention - a beautiful journey through the real estate / housing market.

How WBS Real Estate supports the purchase process:

  • We offer tailored advice throughout the entire process.

  • In consultation with the mortgage advisor, we decide on a realistic purchase budget.

  • If you don't already have a personal advisor, we are happy to put you in touch with our network of mortgage advisors.

  • We make an inventory of your search criteria.

  • Your wishes are our starting point; we make sure they come first. Always. 

  • Establishing a timeline in advance, so as to possibly match the conclusion of a previous housing chapter with it.

  • We answer all your questions.

  • We schedule the viewings for the potential properties. 

  • Expert contract negotiations, both commercial and legal.

  • We carry out an inspection on your potential new home to ensure it meets the expected quality.

  • We accompany you to the notary’s office when you sign the purchase contract.

  • We provide you with the keys to your new home. 

Are you interested? Then contact our buying agent.


This is where your new chapter starts
When you are about to sell your home, there are many questions that come along with it. WBS Real Estate is a leading real estate agency that can help you with all of these questions. For example: what asking price should I use to sell my home? How can I realize the maximum yield? What marketing strategy should I use to reach a large target group? And is my home ready for sale at all, or are there things I need to adjust first?

WBS Real Estate supports you from start to finish and provides clear answers to all your questions. We are happy to schedule an introductory meeting with you to determine your needs and respond to them professionally. On the basis of this meeting, we will draw up a personal plan of approach, in order to realize the best conditions for the sale of your house.

How WBS Real Estate supports the sales process:

  • We offer tailored advice throughout the entire process.

  • We position your house against the current market and set out a suitable price strategy.

  • Professional photography, floor plans including dimensions, possibly drone footage and a video. In short: complete carefree marketing.

  • We ensure a beautiful printed brochure of your house. 

  • For sales, we use our network and online promotions. We also provide a mailing to all real estate agents in the region, who may be looking for properties for their clients.

  • We prepare the sales text, in both Dutch and English.

  • We make clear agreements regarding the viewings.

  • Assisting in contract negotiations, providing both legal and commercial advice.

  • We guide you through the legal aspects of the sale; we accompany you during the transfer of the deed and offer our services if anything comes up afterwards.

We are proud of our proven track record with top-quality housing projects.

You can contact our sales broker via the button below. We are happy to visit you for an exploratory discussion.

Tenant Representation

WBS Real Estate always offers a surprising range of rental apartments and ground-level homes. We offer future tenants complete relief in their search for a suitable home. Our offer is updated daily, so you are completely up-to-date with the housing market. Sign up for our newsletter because, who knows, your dream home may soon come along!

We regularly organize Open Houses for our clients, even when a new construction project is not yet ready to be rented out. That way, you as a potential tenant can get a feel for your future dream home. Finding a suitable rental property is not easy these days. We can well imagine that as a tenant you need guidance and support during this process.

How WBS Real Estate supports the (hiring) process:

  • We offer tailored advice throughout the entire rental (acquisition) process.

  • Thanks to our extensive network, we always offer a diverse portfolio of properties. Additionally, as WBS Real Estate is a subsidiary of a housing development company, we have first access to a large number of houses.

  • We offer personal assistance during the entire process, always based on your wishes and needs.

  • We provide a transparent overview of the rental conditions and assistance with the commercial and legal aspects.

  • We are always up to date with the latest offers, which you can find on our daily updated website page.

We are proud of our proven track record with top-quality housing projects.

We will gladly make an appointment to discuss your options. You can also just come and see us for non-committal advice.


As WBS Real Estate, we provide the right match between landlord and tenant, always putting our client's interests first. We combine experience, knowledge and a broad network with a fresh view of the market and an active approach. The WBS Real Estate team maintains daily active contact with a large number of house seekers. Our sister company Woonstaete is a major housing developer; for this reason we understand better than anyone how important it is to house 'nice and reliable tenants'.

How WBS Real Estate supports the leasing process: 

  • We offer tailored advice throughout the entire process.

  • We position your house against the current market and set out a suitable price strategy.

  • We arrange a professional photoshoot, floor plans including dimensions, possible drone footage, and a video. In short, we take care of all marketing activities.

  • We ensure a beautiful printed brochure of your house. 

  • We use our network, online channels, and our database to promote your property. We also send out mailings to other estate agents in the region who may be looking for properties for their own clients.

  • We prepare the listing text, both in Dutch and English.

  • We make clear agreements regarding the viewings.

  • We handle the contract negotiations, substantiated by commercial and legal advice.

  • We handle the legal aspects of the lease, such as the rental agreement, key exchange, and any necessary aftercare.

We are proud of our proven track record with top-quality housing projects.

Curious about what we can do for you? We are happy to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities. Of course, you are also welcome to contact us for advice without any obligation.


Our sister company Pro Vastgoed ontwikkeling has extensive experience in area development, real estate development and in transforming buildings into homes. This enables us to assist you in every development issue and advise you in such a way that you can achieve maximum return. You can also come to us if you want to sell a site so that we can develop it for you, or jointly.

How WBS Real Estate supports the development process:

  • Advice, planning, and management during the entire development process.

  • From the first ideas and sketches to completion and transfer.

  • Extensive market research and advice.

  • Advice on feasibility and the terms of requirements.

  • Advice on the type of property and the subsequent target group.

  • Advice on innovations regarding sustainability, green solutions, the point system and energy labeling.

  • Market-oriented branding following the development stages.

  • A comprehensive strategy for rentals and sales; you can read more about this in our other services.

Need development advice and a professional to look with you? Then contact Pro Realty Development without obligation. 


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